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Professional Development

You hire the best and the brightest.  You have a hiring and training process that is designed to insure that new members of your team learn about how you run project work, maintain high quality standards and manage the client relationship well.  Does your Professional Development strategy include the "art and science" of developing new business?

We understand the unique world of the Seller Doer.  Standard sales training techniques won't always work for you. A weekend seminar on Relationship or Solution Selling won't do it either.  For the vast majority of consultants who aren't "wired for selling", the most effective means of supporting their success is through an ongoing dialogue with a peer mentor who can relate to their world and is focused on their success.

Whether it's nailing down a strategy for your "greenies" or helping a 20 year veteran open up a new practice area, we've been successful at plugging our unique approach into new and existing Professional Development programs for years.

Click here to read more about our DISC assessment tool that can identifytop performers and hidden rainmakers in your midst.

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